What goes on behind closed doors at the IRS will shock you.

About the Book


This one-of-a-kind story and insider’s guide about the most reviled and hated agency in the U.S. Government will have you reeling.

The Internal Revenue Service sends chills down most people’s spines, and for good reason – every year they seize tens of millions of dollars in cash, wages, bank accounts, houses, businesses, and cars.

Now a 33-year IRS veteran tax collector is ready to tell his story.

Richard Schickel’s memoir, IRS Whistleblower, shares the secrets that the IRS does not want you to know; about its culture, its procedures, and how they train their employees to think.

It tells for the first time in print about the Social Security Loophole that allows people who have never paid for Social Security to receive benefits for life.

The IRS is a fear machine – it hurts some of the people all of the time and some of the people none of the time. Between 16-20% of U. S. Citizens never file or correctly pay their share of income and other taxes. The IRS knows about this but instead of chasing them, it prefers to keep the W-2 wage earners in a box, tortured by a hot poker of fear, anger, and greed.

This memoir will share how the IRS fosters a culture of unyielding power and abuse, mistreating taxpayers and non-taxpayers alike. In return, the public abuses the IRS by stealing at least $50 billion dollars out of the Treasury every year due to fraudulent claims and false refunds.

Richard Schickel was a Senior Revenue Officer but also one of the abusers and enforcers who seized cash, wages, bank accounts, houses, businesses, and cars, sometimes destroying people’s lives just to “teach taxpayers a lesson”. He was also one of the abused when he exposed Anti-Semitism, racism, and sexual harassment in IRS case processing.

In the last half of his career, Richard Schickel became the tax collector who cared, transforming into a person who knew the IRS system well enough to help his taxpayers. And now he wants to help you too!

This story is written with warmth, humor, and wisdom. Richard Schickel shares what he witnessed – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will shock you, make you mad, and hopefully cause you to demand change in the IRS and Congress. This book is essential reading for anyone in trouble with the IRS.  If you owe money or are being audited, or have been contacted by IRS Criminal Agents, read this book.  It is an insider’s guide to the IRS.

The IRS is the most dangerous creditor in the world. The IRS can seize your cash, bank accounts, autos, business and most of your wages- all without ever once going to Court or getting a formal judgment. Learn how to stop the IRS before they stop you.

Richard M. Schickel

Book Reviews

This book is insightful and engaging. Mr. Schickel has a unique perspective into one of the most terrifying government entities that exists today. Mr. Schickel certainly knows where all the bodies are buried and the information shared in the book is frightening. He has a very open and engaging writing style that makes for an easy read despite the subject matter. If it is in fact true that evil prevails when good men fail to act Mr. Schickel is certainly not guilty of it. It would behoove us all as citizens to learn the truth behind this agency so that reform can become a reality. Quite the eye opener.

Kymberley M

This is the book I wish I’d had when I was being badgered by the IRS many years ago. It really amazes and saddens me to realize that there were some good people who went into that system and have been twisted into our version of torturers. Before you get in trouble with the IRS, this is the book you want. And it is an interesting look at the inside of a secretive, powerful, often unopposed, politically driven machine.

Christy W

As a certified tax attorney, the book reaffirmed my views of the IRS.

Daniel H

If you’re looking for the real skinny about what goes on inside the IRS, this is the book for you. Based on first-hand knowledge from 33-year veteran IRS Revenue Officer Richard Schickel, the book goes into explicit detail on IRS structure, tactics, data systems, deficiencies, and more. Part memoir, part advice-giving book, the author offers interesting detail on actual cases (names changed of course) and includes answers to the list of most-often-asked questions about how to deal with them. His biggest piece of advice: “Never ignore the IRS.” Interesting and informative.

Florence O



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Richard SchickelRichard M. Schickel began his 33-year career with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax collector, working the western suburbs of Chicago out toward the Mississippi River. He later moved to Tucson, AZ as a Senior Revenue Officer for Southern Arizona, where he now resides. During his tenure at the IRS, Richard was a mentor, coach and classroom instructor for hundreds of IRS Collection Employees. He wrote a book for the IRS called the “Asset Recovery Guide” on his own time, when attrition and retirements had reduced the ranks of tax collectors, at a time when bringing a new hire “up to speed” could take as long as three years. This book was about financial analysis in American industry and business markets. It was a very successful training tool and the Internal Revenue Manual Section 5.15.1 on Financial Analysis is based on this book. His work remains the basis for IRS Collection training on Financial Analysis. He documented existing information on tax collection methods, business appraisals, liquidations and offers in compromise, which was a way to save the culture of tax collectors, as there was no formal written record at the time.  Richard was also an Expert Witness in IRS Collection Procedures and has testified in Federal Court for the United States. Richard has 65 Awards from the IRS and the Department of the Treasury including the Gallatin Award, the highest career service award for civilian employees. He was also given a Medal for Meritorious Service by the Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Regan, and received a commendation from President Ronald Reagan after saving an 8 year old girl from a burning house while on duty for the IRS. Richard later learned how to use his natural intuition in his IRS work to uncover assets that delinquent and criminal taxpayers had tried to hide. His investigations, testimony and gut instincts lead to many tax evasion and criminal tax investigations. He retired from the IRS in December, 2013 and founded RMS Consulting LLC, a firm that helps people get out of trouble with the IRS.



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